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Billetus Carbon Fiber Wallet

A fresh take on the modern card carrier, the Billetus aims to address the uncomfortably sharp edges of a minimalist wallet’s plates by emulating the curved edges of a well-worn leather wallet. Available in two sizes and five colors, the Billetus stays lightweight and as thin as an iPhone 4S, even when full, thanks to a skeletonized design built from carbon fiber, titanium, and 6061 aluminum. Pledge higher and you’ll score a Cardus Openus, a carbon fiber plate which triples as a bottle opener and ruler for added functionality.


Came up with a super easy way of making buffalo chicken sammiches and its actually really good. I have a new go-to meal for when matt won’t decide on what he wants.

I didn’t realize its getting cooler out and that its fall and ugh.

I’M SO EXCITED. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I just wish matt was more into enjoying the weather and stuff.

I gave myself the weekend off and my boss is probably incredibly mad at me.

I made it pretty.

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