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You’re about to just get yourself blocked. Fuck off. I haven’t accepted your numerous friend requests in the past 2 years. That’s not changing. Fuck off.

My dad’s side of the family burned their bridges with me. There’s no rebuilding that shit when they manipulated me and lied to me that much.


Cats and Tumblr

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Pretty sure it’s going to be faster to find my fucking SD card reader for my desktop.


"Hey bro, you got the time?" "Yeah, it’s … hang on.  Just a sec.  God fucking damnit. " 


"Hey bro, you got the time?" 

"Yeah, it’s … hang on.  Just a sec.  God fucking damnit. " 

Almost just came out to my mom while talking about bat shit crazy lesbians by saying something about being an exception to that.

I smell pretty now.

I don’t like people trying to manipulate me into paying more for something. Or being manipulated in general.

I know damn well how much it would cost to get my fuel filter done at a shop and you’re a moron for thinking I would believe you on it being 600. Just saying.
I mean, I payed under 100 for my entire brake lines to be replaced and fixed and that was a lot more labor intensive.

I’ve spent half the night trying to figure out how it would come close to that and the only thing would be if I had a new vehicle where the fuel filter is integrated into the pump (thus requiring entire pump replacement). I’m pissed.

Tl;dr- don’t fucking lie to me. I don’t like that shit.

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